About Me




I am a freelance web developer and  CMS Made Simple expert from Toronto, Canada. I have been working with CMS Made Simple since 2009, creating user-friendly websites and perfecting techniques for practical content management.

I specialize in creating new CMSMS websites, upgrading old CMSMS websites, developing creative solutions to complex CMSMS problems, converting non-responsive layouts to responsive ones, and pretty much anything CMSMS or web related. Check out my portfolio for samples of my work.

Background & Experience

I fell in love with technology at a young age when my father (a school teacher) used to bring home a Commodore 64 computer from his classroom for me to play with for a few weeks every summer. I eventually parlayed those early experiences into a career in Information Technology. In 2005 I graduated with honours from the Computer Networking and Technical Support program at Seneca College. Over the years I have acquired certifications in various disciplines of Information Technology, such as Cisco CCNA and ITIL v3.

I started my career as a Systems Administrator for the Rostie Group where I supported the computer network, telecommunications, web and e-mail hosting infrastructure.

My career path took a new direction in 2009 when I joined Empowered Networks as a Solutions Specialist in fault, performance and infrastructure management of enterprise networks. In the last few years I have been given the opportunity to venture into metrics virtualization, corporate dashboard development, and web development as a professional areas of growth and opportunity. These ventures were inspired by my own personal interest in web design and development.